Chrome with selenium, python and docker

Sometimes, when I execute the Chrome inside a docker container I receive the error below: selenium.common.exceptions.WebDriverException: Message: unknown error: Chrome failed to start: crashed It is caused because Chrome uses the /dev/shm to share memory and the docker, by default, set 64MB for this partition. Here, I will describe how to reproduce this error and how to resolve it. How to reproduce To reproduce this error, we need to create a docker image with chrome and python. [Read More]

Identifying Paragraphs

I’m learning computer vision and I’m using the Opencv and Python to write algorithms in this field of computer science. This field is very interesting because it involves computer science and math and also, it is necessary to have good ideas to solve problems. Here, I will show my first algorithm in computer vision. It is to identifies paragraphs in a text image. It consider that the image have a white background and that the characters have a black color. [Read More]